We’re building a grassroots movement of, by, and for bedside nurses advocating for safe patient limits and a stronger voice in healthcare.

In 2018, we made more progress than ever before on safe patient limits laws, put up safe staffing billboards, held PA’s first Safe Staffing Summit, delivered 10K petitions to the Capitol, and made every candidate in PA elections answer on safe patient limits.

Our goal is to raise $2,019 to help fund nurse power in 2019. Big healthcare companies will spend plenty of money to try to stop safe patient limits. We’ll never outspend them, but we don’t need to. We just need enough resources to make the patient advocacy of thousands of nurses louder than their money.

Your one-time contribution will help fund the work of Nurses of Pennsylvania for the year to come. Contributions help us to afford things like this website, digital ads to bring more nurses into the fight for safe staffing, materials for rallies, the safe staffing billboards we put up, the buses and ambulances and stretchers from the petition delivery, and other resources we can use to make our patient advocacy more powerful and more effective.

Raising $2,019 may not fund our work for all of 2019, but reaching our goal for this end of year fundraising drive would be a huge step towards making this organization here for the long-term and increase the possibilities for what we can pull off as we head into the new year.

Please note that contributions to Nurses of Pennsylvania are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Nurses of Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(4) organization of nurses advocating for safe staffing laws in Pennsylvania. Contributions of any amount will be used to advocate for safe staffing levels. If you choose to make a donation to Nurses of Pennsylvania, your credit card information will be used only for the transactions you authorize through our secure online payment system.